Newhall Street

In the early nineteenth century the manual process to make steel pen nibs was very laborious and expensive, so most people wrote with quill pens. In the 1820s, on Newhall Street in Birmingham, England, John Mitchell pioneered the mass production of steel pens. Mitchell became the first mass producer of steel pen nibs using hand presses. By the 1850s, Birmingham was the world center for steel pen and steel nib manufacturing with many of the pen factories located on Newhall Street.
Today, Newhall Street' designs elegant pens of classic styling with modern form and function. In the same spirit as John Mitchell, using modern manufacturing techniques Newhall Street makes finely crafted pens of unique designs available to everyone who appreciates attention to detail & quality.

A tribute to the English inventor John Mitchell, this simple yet elegant design reflects the achievement and pure genius of the man who gave birth to the modern pen trade. This perfectly balanced brass pen features an exclusive soft touch grip which makes writing a pleasure.

This design is inspired by T.S. Eliot, one of the most daring innovators of twentieth-century poetry, and like his works, this pen is sure to attract attention. This fine writing instrument is formed from a solid brass core, and is available in both a Rollerball and Ballpoint version. The Eliot's handsome, unique design will always make an impressive statement.